New Scam Phone Number: 0161 818 4586

We have received a report today that somebody who has not applied with us had been contact by the scammers and they have set up a new number, which we are in the process of reporting to the relevant provider. Again the number is designed to look like it has a UK area code but in fact we believe it is most likely routed abroad. We suspect it’s also link to Skype, like previous number have been.

We called the number ourselves to investigate what the callers are saying to people, we asked the name of their company they said ‘Unsecured Loans For You Ltd’. When we asked for a website address they quoted ours, including our postal address as well, acting like they were an employee.

Also note that if you say you haven’t applied for a loan they will say it’s regarding PPI, which will just be another way of them trying to get money from you.

If you are contacted by anyone from this number requesting upfront payments, please DO NOT proceed and report it to us immediately using the contact form on the website.

UPDATE: We have managed to get the number removed and the Skype account blocked. Obviously it’s only a matter of time until the scammer’s create a new account and get a different number allocated to it. If you do get called by someone claiming to be us, please let us know via our Contact Page.

FURTHER UPDATE: We have received another report today that this number is still being used, (we have again reported this to Skype) the caller is giving his name as Mr Adams, again using our company name and giving out our website address in order to obtain money from people via Western Union for a loan that does not exist, the person who contacted us has never made an application with Unsecured Loans For You Ltd. We have been told that on previous calls the scammer had also given his company name as ‘GEO Finance’.

Again, if you have been called from this number and asked to make any upfront payments, please report this immediately to both us and Action Fraud ASAP.


Thank you.