Where can I borrow money from with a bad credit history?

Borrowing money has never been so easy, so the banks would have us believe, yet after the global recession, it seems that the mainstream lenders are very fussy about who they will lend to. The average borrower has changed since the recession hit, we are no longer talking about people with low incomes from deprived areas. Nowadays, those gainfully employed earning a decent salary may also struggle to obtain an unsecured loan.

The main reason for this are that peoples credit histories are not up to the criteria of that particular lender at that particular time. You may have missed a credit card payment or two, or missed that catalogue bill, or even have a County Court Judgement (CCJ) against you, which all goes against you when you are trying to apply for a loan. Moreover, some of these may date back years. So are there any practical steps that can be taken to help?

It certainly pays to shop around and here at Unsecured Loans For You we understand how frustrating and unfair it can be. We work tirelessly with our extensive lending panel to constantly update and promote new and better products to best serve our customers’ needs. There are ways back into borrowing money, and we are committed to exploring every avenue to help you find it.

Our lending panel deal with those with a bad or poor credit history. They are familiar with those financial circumstances that may not be considered ‘normal’, being self-employed perhaps or having a less than perfect credit file. This panel of lenders are also growing and expanding rapidly as their customer needs dictate. Their average customer has changed and continues to do so, so they develop with that. They are flexible to individual requirements and circumstance, as opposed to mainstream lenders who can be very rigid.

Obtaining a loan from one of our lender panel will also ultimately help you begin to ‘rebuild’ some of the faith that has perhaps been lost. Committing to, and ensuring that you make repayments on time and generally managing your money better demonstrates good borrowing behaviour, and helps improve your credit rating. This can in turn mean that should you wish to borrow again in the future, you may be offered a more favourable rate, or a higher amount.

Apply today and let us find you a practical and manageable solution that will help solve your short term financial need, and more importantly your long term financial health.