Best Black Friday deals

There are only a few hours left until the ‘official’ start of Black Friday, the one day mega sale that allegedly puts the economy in the black for just one day as spending peaks.  But you may have already noticed a few sales have already begun, Amazon, Tesco and Argos have already launched their Black Friday deals. It seems retailers are that keen to have our cash they’ve been dangling ‘Pre Black Friday’ deals in front of our noses for days.

Previous one day only Black Friday events have seen allsorts from punch ups over TVs, to consumers fighting with one and other. Perhaps the retail industry has learnt from previous mistakes and now almost everyone is getting in on the act earlier than the actual Friday.

Amazon was the first big retailer to launch its Black Friday deals which started on November 14th.  Morrison’s also launched mega deals on wines beers and prosecco. EBay then began its campaign, as well as Argos, Tesco, Boots and Carphone Warehouse. To be honest most of the retailers have already launched their deals, so is the actual day now redundant?

Well in short the answer is no, as many retailers are promising new and improved deals and more ‘special offers’ on the actual day itself.  Some stores are standing firm and have taken the opposite approach, refusing to reveal any deals or offers until the big day arrives. So where are the best deals now?

The Black Friday “price war” will make it a very unpredictable Christmas for retailers.

Amazons deals were launched from the 14th November, and they all end promptly at 23.59 on the 25th November. Some of our top picks are as follows:

  • A huge 70% saving on Silicone Non Stick Baking Mats, £39.99 reduced to £11.93, just in time for baking all those yummy Christmas treats.
  • A 69% saving can be made on the Phillips Aquatouch Electric Shaver which was £160 and is now just £48.99.
  • The Lekue Waffle kit which can make 8 tasty waffles at once is now just £13.42 reduced from £33.99 a huge 61% saving.
  • Or a 60% saving can be made on s Wi-Fi Signal Amplifier reduced from £43 to £17.35

ASOS has a huge amount of deals lined up for Black Friday but it is already offering up to 70% of some of its outlet products, indeed find the best deals on the ASOS black Friday page on their website.  Best buys include:

Women’s Helene Berman Longline Trench Coat now £118 reduced from £210.00

Men’s Rudie Slim Fit Suit in Paddy Brown now £73 reduced from £125

Women’s House of Holland Natural Hair Backpack now £145 reduced from £260

Men’s French Connection Fishtail Hooded Mac now £60 reduced from £120