Home improvement loans, seasonal tips

With the glorious weather upon us, it is now a time when a lot of homeowners think about improving their homes. Indeed, home improvements have become a more popular alternative to moving house, but what is the best way to pay for them? Secured loans or unsecured loans, remortgage or 2nd charges can all be ways to pay. You may be happy in the area that you live, but feel that you are outgrowing your property. Old fashioned fixtures and fittings and even the properties layout may be getting you down. Home improvements are the perfect solution to help create a better living space, whilst increasing your homes’ value.

Here are our top tips:

  • Extension to your existing property

It can often be cheaper to extend your home than move to a bigger property, obviously if there is space to do so. Taking out a secured or unsecured loan is a good way of increasing the size of your property, and thus adding value. Depending on the size of the property a remortgage may be a good option too.

  • Replace the windows.

A lot of homes lose heat through older windows and doors. So replacing them with energy-efficient glazing will help keep your home quieter and warmer and will reduce your energy bills. Double or triple glazed windows also add to the appeal of your home should you ever wish to sell up.

  • Get green fingered in the garden

Investing in your garden creates additional kerb appeal and is ultimately nicer to look at. It doesn’t have to be significantly expensive, and a small unsecured loan could help you to pay for landscaping or perhaps a patch of decking. Again, a nice useable space outdoors increases the value of your home as well as creating an additional haven for relaxing and entertaining.

  • Convert your loft or cellar

It may be that you don’t need to go to the expense of actually extending your property but can use the space that you already have. A home improvement loan with fixed regular payments can be used to convert existing loft or cellar space to create an additional bedroom or living area, or even just additional storage.

  • Add a summer room or conservatory

If you don’t want to extend or don’t have the additional room, then adding a summer room or conservatory can be an excellent cost effective compromise. Again, it helps build the desirability and kerb appeal of your home, whilst offering the additional space and flexibility you desire.

  •  Invest in new décor

An unsecured loan is also an excellent way to pay for those much needed updated decoration and fresh painting jobs that have probably now piled up over the last few years. Decorating your home and carrying out general maintenance keeps the interior fresh and appealing whether you intend to stay put or want to make the house attractive to potential buyers.