Fraud Warning, What to do if you have been a victim?

Unfortunately, for the past few years, our business name is being targeted by fraudsters who are misleading customers into making upfront payments in order to obtain loans. All of our company information is in the public domain; this includes company address, company registration number, Data Protection Act registration number, and also FCA authorisation number. The […]

Fake Loan Agreement

We have been notified today that the scammers are again sending fake loan agreements using all of our company details, registered address, registration number, licence number etc which they must have found online where all company information is freely available. Unsecured Loans For You Ltd are an online loan broker, not a lender, we do […]

New Scam Phone Number: 0161 818 4586

We have received a report today that somebody who has not applied with us had been contact by the scammers and they have set up a new number, which we are in the process of reporting to the relevant provider. Again the number is designed to look like it has a UK area code but […]


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