Consumer lending boom driven by good lending practices

Joint research published yesterday by the Bank of England blog (BoE) and The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) shows that the rapid growth in consumer lending has been driven by those with good credit scores. Unsecured loans grew rapidly in 2016/2017 amid concerns that lenders had underestimated their borrowers’ risk. Indeed the BoE even ensuring an […]

Brexit Britain turmoil?

Since the vote to leave the EU on 23rd June 2016, there have been many articles both positive and negative about the effects of the result on different aspects of our lives. From the wider financial economy to unsecured loans rates, debates are still on-going. However we are now living out some of those debated […]

Unsecured Lending increase the largest in a decade

The latest data from the Bank of England has shown that unsecured loans and lending has increased by 9.1% in January 2016, compared to January 2015. It constitutes the largest annual increase in a decade, and saw consumers borrowing on credit cards, unsecured loans, and overdrafts total £1.6 billion in January, compared to £1.1 billion […]