Unsecured loans with a personal touch

Personal loans can also be referred to as unsecured loans, but does one name appeal to you more than the other? Personal sounds more endearing and considerate, whilst anything that is unsecured sounds, well, a less appealing proposition. However you refer to them, it may be worth getting a better understating of the UK’s unsecured […]

Banish those Blue Monday worries

Figures published this week by National Debtline ran by the Money Advice Trust show that an estimated 7.9milion of us are expected to fall behind with finances this month as the inevitable Christmas spend kicks in. Monday 15th January, so called “Blue Monday” is said to be the most depressing day of the year, as […]

What options do I have with a bad credit history?

A bad or ‘less than perfect’ credit history is something that the majority of the UK population can relate to. Applying for unsecured loans and being declined can have a serious impact on your plans, and it is much more than just an inconvenience, it can be life changing. Anyone that applies to borrow money […]

Credit cards hit all time high APR

New data released by moneyfacts.co.uk has shown that the average credit card interest rate is now 23%APR, one of the highest on record. So is it now the best time to apply for an unsecured loan? Of course there are still some good credit card deals out there that offer special introductory deals and lower […]

Ho ho NO! I didn’t want that gift for Christmas, along with another £27billion!

As Christmas approaches, it’s estimated that we will spend a huge £73 billion, many of us have also admitted that we will return almost half of the goods, some £27 billion worth. So, do you return a gift, if that gift is not quite right? Research by Watchshop.com has confirmed that almost 40% of the […]


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