Bank of friends and family

Research released by price comparison site Money Supermarket shows that as many as 55% of Brits resort to borrowing money from family and friends. Indeed the average unsecured loan is £2,227. Mothers come out as the most generous lenders with 42% of all loans coming directly from the Bank Of Mum, with Dads a close […]

Maximum mortgage age relaxed

As a result of the financial crisis, we are all aware that lenders introduced many more strict rules and criteria to reduce their exposure to risk. Be it an unsecured loan, credit card or mortgage, or if you were a younger or older borrower if affected us all. However it now looks as though at […]

The return of the no deposit 100% mortgage, or is it?

Britain’s biggest lender, Lloyds is to offer a no deposit 100% mortgage to first time buyers in a move that sees lending at pre credit crunch levels. Potential purchasers need no deposit if family can back the loan by moving 10% of price into bank’s saver account. The new Lloyds “Lend a hand” scheme means […]