Are ‘Guarantor Loans’ bridging the gap?

If someone said to you that they were applying for or indeed already had a ‘guarantor’ loan, what exactly would spring to mind? They cannot afford a ‘real’ loan; they must have really bad credit? It’s just another term for a payday loan? Whatever you may think, the guarantor loans sector is now the fastest […]

Credit cards hit all time high APR

New data released by has shown that the average credit card interest rate is now 23%APR, one of the highest on record. So is it now the best time to apply for an unsecured loan? Of course there are still some good credit card deals out there that offer special introductory deals and lower […]

Payday Loans or Unsecured Loans?

Payday loans are a product that most of us are familiar with. We may not know the ins and outs but we have all read the headlines, both good and bad. They are aimed at people struggling to wait until their next ‘pay day’ and are usually small amounts of up to £1000-£1500 maximum. However […]

The FCA high cost credit review

After the review into the payday loans industry, the Financial Conduct Authority has now announced that it is to review a wide range of other so called high-cost credit from overdrafts to logbook loans.  Since 2015 the FCA have imposed a number of restrictions on payday lenders, and the way that they do business.  Customers […]

Is the payday loan market still broken?

There has been a lot of criticism over the payday loans industry, with its sky high interest rates and aggressive lending tactics.  However the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) stepped in and made massive sweeping changes, so has this had a positive impact on the industry? It’s been two years now since new regulations were imposed […]


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