Top tips for getting the best unsecured loans deal

There are numerous reasons why we may need an unsecured loan, from simply tiding you over until payday, to the dreaded Christmas shopping. Unsecured loans have various benefits over secured loans as the borrower doesn’t have to be a homeowner. Here are our top tips: Perhaps the most important thing to consider is your credit […]

Home improvement loans, seasonal tips

With the glorious weather upon us, it is now a time when a lot of homeowners think about improving their homes. Indeed, home improvements have become a more popular alternative to moving house, but what is the best way to pay for them? Secured loans or unsecured loans, remortgage or 2nd charges can all be […]

The end of the Money Advice Service, what next?

Of all the announcements on the Budget, there was perhaps one that was missed, namely that the Money Advice Service (MAS) is no longer.  Indeed the government backed service, made possible by a levy on the financial services industry, is to be restructured into a money guidance service. With millions of us in debt and […]

Money Management Education classes for all?

For a lot of us, money management and the financial perils that go with it are beyond our comprehension. Unsecured Loans, secured loans, APR, ‘teaser rates’, pensions, mortgages, savings and investments, stocks and shares, how much do we really understand? Furthermore what are the implications in later years on our ability, or lack of it […]


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